Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...One Giant Leap For Mankind

Within the five minute period of 12:00 pm and 12:05 pm EST, on the 20th of January, 2009, the world saw Barack Husein Obama, yet another in a long and most proud line of great men, become the sworn President of the United States of America. Across the planet, man, woman, and child of every creed, religion, and socio-economic background stood together, eyes glued to the nearest TV or ears to the nearest radio, to welcome the newest leader of the Free World.

In his first speech as our Commander in Chief, he went straight to work, addressing the problems of the nation and giving a slap on the wrist to all who are at fault, unafraid to place blame on not only the Bush administration, but the nation's people as a whole. Touching on the sensitivities of his new, extended family, there was nothing this man held back. His words of irresponsibility and selfishness no doubt struck the nerves of many, but the same can be said of his words encouraging sacrifice and charity, selflessness and cooperation, community and prosperity.

One of my favorite points he made was of the strength of our nation, not in relation to our size or military, but our values. Speaking not only to the US but to the entire planet, he wanted to reassure the world's nations that the United States is a friend to all, urging those who prefer the fist to consider an open hand. He spoke of our nation's future, one that focuses on matters of the planet, the economy, and humanitarian aid. Broadening his view, Barack then asked allies and enemies alike to come together and work in unison to make the world a better place for all mankind.

Barack Obama is a president, not unlike others, who finds himself inheriting a nation, rather, a world in crisis. With everything this great man has to deal with at present, there is no blaming the guy for calling on the American people to lend him a helping hand. I for one am most happy to lend that hand, and though I realize that not everyone stands in the corner of our new president, it is my hope that all who stand in the corner of the US will do everything in their power to pitch in, as our future depends not on the ideas of one man, but the efforts of the people he commands.

Good luck to you, Mr. President, and may your 8 years prove most prosperous.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potatoes Too Many!

How you doin', then?

Have you heard the news, folks? It seems as though I'm not quite what I seem. You see, I know I'm a right plump young chap, but for some time now, I've been thinking that I stood with a very certain amount of plumpness. Unfortunately, as I've come to find out on this very day, both you and I have been misled.

Here's the sitch:

About a month ago, I had lent my scale (Ol' Reliable, the best darn home scale in all the Milky Way) to my mom for use at her work for a little weight loss competition they were having. In Ol' Reliable's stead, I made use of a dust-covered dial scale...you know, those old antique things that don't have any purty flashing lights on 'em. Every time I stepped on the scale, I thought that I was approximately that weight, give or take a few pounds. I wasn't all too thrilled, but at the same time, I thought I was making progress. Unfortunately, that train of thought met its end this afternoon. You see, my mom had brought Ol' Reliable back to its home in the garage yesterday evening. Thinking I wouldn't weigh too much different on him than I did on the dial scale, I decided to weight myself on Ol' Reliable to gauge the difference between the two.


Yes, upon waking this afternoon, I stepped on Ol' Reliable and discovered my true weight. As it stands, here are my official stats as provided by what is unfortunately the most dependable home scale in all the Milky Way:

Age: 24 years, 11 months, 14 days, and a handful of hours, minutes, and seconds

Height: 5'10"

Body Water: 49.5%

Body Fat: 31.0%

Weight: 257.4 lbs. !

Just in case you didn't get that....

Weight: 257.4 lbs. !!

One more time, you know, to drive it home....

Weight: 257.4 lbs. !!!

Okay, now while I can live with the age and the height, the other three will absolutely not do! I honestly thought I was at 240 lbs. or below...never did it cross my mind that I was 17 pounds above. Naturally, the body fat would have to be that high, though I'm a little surprised it's not a bit higher. The body water though, well, that explains a lot. The human body is made up of 70% water, and if all I'm running on is around 50%, there's no wonder why I'm always dry, itchy, coughing, sneezing, and just not feeling so great all the time.

Brothas and sistahs, we've got some work to do....

It's been asked of me what my workouts and eating habits have been like over the past month or so...what I'm doing, if anything, to lose weight and gain health. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing all I've wanted to. For the past while, I've been suffering through various inconveniences and physical ailments, causing interruption after interruption in what I was hoping would be a new, healthy, not-so-worrisome routine. I wanted to start P90X on January 5th, but that never took off. As well, while I was aiming to eat near perfect for at least the first month of the new year, an askew schedule and complete lack of good sleep has led me to maintain a very poor diet.

I have in no way given up hope, especially since I've come across a few favorites of mine here and on YouTube who have discovered a renewed sense of discipline and determination. I am more motivated now than in the last couple months, and with things settling down, I am confident that I will now have the opportunity to at least start my new routine without any difficulty.

P90X is still the program of choice, though I will not be starting that until February 1st (why is it that the beginning of a month is so popular a choice when beginning something new?). Until that time, I will work at balancing my calories in a manner that supports a man of my size undergoing a routine to lose weight and build muscle. Also in preparation for P90X, I'll be working to build the endurance one finds necessary when doing such an intense program.

Though for only a couple weeks, it is my goal to work my muscles to the max through weight training and body weight exercises. Cardio will also be present, mainly in treadmill and hiking form. To that effect, I will continue with the weekly Friday morning hikes I've grown so fond of, though I may decide to kick it up a notch. For instance, if I have the energy tomorrow when getting off work (even if I don't), I plan on going for a pre-hike hike, providing a two day total of 10 miles up and down an unfriendly series of hills.

My mini goal, should I dare make one, is to scootch under the 240 pound mark by my birthday, January 31st. That would mean losing 17.4 lbs in 15 days. A little crazy, I know, but since a good portion of it will be water weight and my body will have been awaken from a dead sleep, I think it's attainable. Mind you, if I don't make it, I won't be down on myself. A little bummed, sure, but not disappointed.


Didn't I say I'd be posting more frequent, shorter blogs from now on? Sometimes I just don't realize when I type up a storm. Hope I kept your attention throughout! You guys mean more to me than you know. ;-)

I hope you are all having a very wonderful week and continue to find yourselves at peace for the duration.

As always, very much love to the lot of you!


PS: Anthony, I guess we're not as identical as we thought we were, eh?

Friday, January 9, 2009

That's Some Killer Heartburn, I Tell You Whut!

Good Friday, good people!

While I planned on having a new video on YouTube by tonight's end, I'm afraid there was simply too much to edit and too little time in which to do it. As well, I've got little time to do it tomorrow as I'm scheduled to see a movie (Gran Turino) immediately after work and being held to the promise of running errands with a father who is seemingly incapable of going outside his house without me at his side. That being said, I'll try my very best to get it uploaded by tomorrow night, though I cannot promise anything.

As I'm currently engaged in the final gripping minutes of the final episode of Stargate: Atlantis, I'm afraid this blog will have to be cut short. Although, to tell you the truth, I'm thinking about bringing under control my predisposition to drawn-out blogging.

While I do have much to say and I've yet to receive the request to limit my verbal onslaught, it seems as though I always have the urgency to pack every blog entry, even videos, with as much information as possible. I realize that when I do this, the frequency of entries and videos tend to decrease as a result. Rather than limiting the feed of information I release into the world wide weberverse, I believe that it would better serve my time, and yours, were I to keep short my entries and simply post more often. That way, not only will you still get your fix of my awesomeness, but you'll get it nearly everyday. And that is my plan, by the way...to post on a near daily basis.

Consider this a simple update...nothing too glamorous, just a little insight as to what I'm currently thinking. I'll try to make my next entry just a tad more entertaining. :-)

I hope the lot of you find yourselves in a good mood for the duration of the weekend. This week has been a long one and we no doubt deserve a good couple days of rest and relaxation.

Goodnight to you all...and Much Love!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! Resolution time, anyone?

First and foremost, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but 2008 was filled with many trials and tribulations...mentally, emotionally, and physically. For starters, I won my work's Biggest Loser competition, losing nearly 30 pounds and reaching an 8 year low in my weight. Unfortunately, I allowed emotional woes to get the best of me and bring me back up to 255 lbs, 10 lbs more than I weighed at the beginning of 2008. In 2008, I forged the first real friendships in my teenage/adult life, from which I experienced true happiness for the first time in over a decade. Within seven months, that true happiness was replaced with true heartache, for reasons that I will never understand. As a result, I am left without a friend to my name once more. Finally, my irresponsibility has further dug me in the financial ditch known as debt. At first it was managable, but due to the current state of the economy, the lenders of my credit are taking action to protect themselves, cutting my credit limits in half. Where my debt to credit ratio was in good standing three months ago, as of today, I now have far less available credit compared to debt.

If I could sum up 2008 in one word, it'd have to be "depressing."

I'm not one who's easily depressed, so you'll forgive me if I'd like to forget that the year 2008 ever existed. From hence forth, my only concern is what transpires in 2009, and if I have anything to say about it, this year will be far different, far better, than these past 12 wasted months of my life.

What are my resolutions? Well, as a fatty, I'm pretty sure you can guess what the number one vow will be.

I know I'm able to lose weight, gain muscle, and become healthy...after all, I've done it before. I've allowed so many things to interfere with my goals as of late that it seems as thought I've just given up alltogether. In fact, I haven't given up on the hope or the efforts. My discipline has been loose to say the least, so with the new year and the refreshed sense of hope that comes with it, I'm positive that I can get my act together and keep my eyes on the prize.

My second resolution for this new year is to pull up the roots that I've been planting for far too long. I have allowed myself to become accustomed to the everyday routine, doing the same thing, living the same life, day in and day out. This false comfort has stunted my growth in life, from losing weight, making friends, and finding a careerpath that would allow me to maintain a prosperous way of life. I am far more messed up that I'd like to be, and along with finding my way to 185 lbs and 8% body fat, I'm looking to reshape the social and professional aspects of my life. Forging friendships has always proved rather difficult for me, painfully so, but I welcome this challenge with open arms.

This is perhaps the most difficult resolution of the lot. I work a dead-end job, getting paid small bucks for a job that others get paid so much for. Living as a border in my mom's house, the only child paying rent while purchasing my own food, with bills including credit cards, charge cards, insurance, DirecTV, and Verizon Wireless...I don't make enough money to live comfortably unless utilizing any available credit to my name. For someone with so many responsibilities, I haven't been living all too responsibly. While I have vowed to live off a very strict budget for as long as it takes, budgeting will only go so far towards paying off a debt and preparing for the future. I need to work towards finding a career, deciding not to work as a graveyard shift stockboy for the rest of my life. I don't know what this will entail, but I'm willing to do whatever's necessary to advance to the next stage in my life. It's time to finally grow up....

There are probably other resolutions that I hope to keep throughout this year and many to come, but these three are of the utmost importance.

What are your resolutions? Surely you've got at least one. Whatever they may be and however you go about accomplishing them, I hope that you find the solace you're looking for in this new year.

As always, I appreciate your time and attention. Thank you for keeping up with me here and on YouTube. Knowing that I've got good people keeping tabs on me helps to keep me accountable, and any success on my part wouldn't have been possible without you. As you continue to follow my journey, you will come to find what one man can do when he really puts his heart, soul, and mind to it.

You all mean more to me than you know, and again, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Much Love!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again....

To you and yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I hope you choose to spend your day with those you love, be it family, friends, or yourself, and find that your spirit is caught in a perpetual state of bliss. You are a wonderful person, deserving nothing less than the wondrous things this season can bring. Let yourself be free to live, love, and be merry on this awesome day!

Thank you for being you, and Merry Christmas once more!

As always, very Much Love!


Friday, December 19, 2008

A Couple Announcements....

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Suffice it to say, I've been gone from the blogosphere for awhile now...about 45 days, actually. It's also been over a month since I've uploaded anything on YouTube.

Yeah...I'm a slacker.

I'm back though, and while I would love to stay awhile and chat, I've only got enough time to make a couple announcements.

First of all, while I've been a little lax in my blogging and videography efforts, I haven't fallen off the proverbial wagon. Indeed, eating has been (as it has always been) a challenge for me. It seems the more active I am, the more I crave sustinance. Unfortunately though, the sustinance I usually indulge with is that of the junk food variety, be it cookies, cake, chips, or ice cream. In fact, I've got 1.5 quarts of Egg Nog flavored ice cream sitting in my freezer as we speak, and a bag of Hot Cocoa Creme flavored Hershey's Kisses sitting on the counter. For the most part however, I am pleased to say that my eating isn't all that bad. I'm eating 5 meals per day, less if I choose the not so healthy foods. My body water has been decreased exponentially, so I've had to start drinking water on a more frequent basis. I know that water consumption should be second nature for an ugly bag of water such as myself, but for whatever reason I find it unappealing. Whenever I feel the need to intake fluids, I always go for alternatives like coffee, Gatorade, vitamin waters, or bottled teas. Despite what they may say about water being water, I truly don't believe that there is any adequate substitute for the real thing.

Drink water, people!

On the exercise front, I am most certainly pumping out quite a bit of sweat each day. As though my job wasn't laborious enough, I'm taking on more traditional exercises nearly every day. My treadmill is receiving quite the pounding (my knees share its pain), and in addition to my weekly hikes, I'm also performing select exercises in the P90X program.

What's that? Select exercises? Yes, I have been performing the P90X series of workouts selectively. While I do feel as though I'm gaining ground as far as strength and flexibility are concerned, I don't feel as though I'm actually doing the program itself. Since P90X is based on a strict period of time focusing on a strict selection of targeted workouts, if I don't follow the routine as I'm supposed to, it's as though I'm not following any program at all. To that effect, while I will continue to workout through the remainder of the year, I am restarting P90X on the 1st of Januray with a buddy of mine...and I have no doubt that the two of us will be more commited than ever before.

Now, onto the second matter at hand....

I will be doing only one more YouTube video for the duration of 2008. On Tuesday, December 23, I will be uploading a video of the Christmas variety. The title will be this: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas -- Do not open 'til Christmas Eve!" If you wouldn't mind, I would highly appreciate it if all y'all visited YouTube on Christmas Eve and shared this video with me, by either visiting my channel, clicking on the video on your homepage, or searching for the video title.

Though I will only be doing one more video for the year, you can rest assured that I'll pop out at least three more blog entries.

I hope the lot of you enjoy this weekend, and make good use of the time you have with your friends and family...or by yourself for a change. Happy happy, good people!

Much Love!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today Is A Sad Day For Many....

...But it is a GLORIOUS day for us all. Why? Because my man, Mr. Barack Obama, is the new President-elect of these United States of America!

The people have spoken, and though we have proven true our confusion and misguided beliefs, we have also proven that good things really can happen for those who want and deserve them badly enough.

Yesterday, November 4, 2008, the dreams of so many millions of Americans came true. Hope has been restored to this great nation as a new man was chosen to take command of our country. However, this man is no ordinary man. Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first person of color to achieve the status of President of the United States. Unlike so many before him, he has not served in any branch of the U.S. military, yet he is now the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. He is a relatively young democrat, rather new to the national scene. His familial roots are not that of wealth and prestige, yet he has managed to build a reputation of a man who is worthy of leading the strongest country in the world. He is clearly different from all others who preceded him, but none of these qualities alone are what make him the right choice. So what exactly does make him the man for the job?

His beliefs...or more specifically, his demand for change.

From civil rights to the state of our economy, Obama represents a chance for change in the way this country is run. While the current administration is spending so many billions to support a war and reconstruction in the Middle East, our own economy is suffering. Long-lasting mistakes made by the federal government have finally caught up with them. Credit card companies are tightening their belts, banks are going belly-up, prices across the market are skyrocketing, and long-standing businesses are taking their final bow. The only relief we've seen in the past several months has been the sudden and rapid decrease in gas prices, but even then the price of oil isn't a guarantee.

We need a change in the policies by which our country is run, and before yesterday, that change had yet to present itself. The government has initiated a bailout of troubled banks and has issued loans to credit card companies to assist in alleviating the credit freeze, giving those who rely on such credit to operate their daily lives with just a smidgen of breathing room. Apparently, this isn't enough.

Another stimulus package is in the works with the hopes of revitalizing the economy by handing out "free money" to the people. How is this supposed to be of any assistance when the last stimulus package failed so horribly? The debt of the American people has not been erased these past several months, so what will stop the recipients of such monies from paying down their debt as they did the last time they received it?

New ideas are what this country needs, and that is exactly what we would not be getting should another Republican war veteran be elected to office. Year after year, the policies by which our country is run has not changed. We have been digging ourselves into a deep, dark, and damp hole from which many of us believe escape is impossible. However, the infusion of someone new, someone different, someone with a vision shared not by the current elders of our nation, has given hope to the American people that the hole they've been forced to dig has found its bottom; that within the dark is shown a light, a light ensuring that the United States is once again destined for greatness and prosperity.

Another area to which change is needed are the civil rights of our people. Be they centered around gender, creed, or sexual orientation, civil rights have always been a focal point of our nation. Never has there not been some kind of discrimination towards one group of people. We as a species have worked so hard towards the ideal of peace and unity throughout the world, but try as we might, it is something that continues to elude us to this day. Events throughout recent generations have seen the progression of mans ability to love one another unconditionally, though we are not yet at the point where all mankind is allowed that love.

Even today, propositions were passed that excludes a group of people from enjoying the same rights as others, even though they are just as qualified (if not moreso) to be given the title of marriage. For too long, too many have lived in the shadows of discrimination. Despite the many intense battles for freedom in our very own backyard, bigotry and hatred still find their way to success. This too is in need of a change. How can a world function as one in a state of peace and prosperity when man finds it so difficult to love his brothers and sisters no matter who they are or how they live their life?

The election of Barack Obama as our new president is not just another step of our cultural evolution, but a symbol of hope for the future of mankind. I am proud of the change we have finally allowed ourselves to make on that historic Tuesday night, and I am confident that we will only continue to grow from here. It is my hope that this decision will prove most fruitful for us all, touching the lives of all people for years to come. It is also my hope that we will grow from this, learn from our past mistakes, and continue to work together for a better tomorrow.

Thank you to those who helped this man of change into office. The world is a better place with the likes of you as its citizens.

Peace and much love to all!